Tree Felling & Removal

Thompson Tree Surgery FellingOccasionally, although as a last resort, it is necessary to completely remove a tree, usually referred to as ‘felling’.

Where space allows, a tree can be felled from the ground although more often than not, in residential /commercial environments, it will need to be carefully cut down using a term that is known as ‘dismantling’, where the tree is taken apart, piece by piece to avoid damage to surrounding property.

We aim to recycle as much of the waste we take away as firewood, kindling and bark (wood chips).

Dangerous Tree Removal and Overhanging Tree Removal

27252107_mlIn cases where the tree lies very close to property, it may be necessary to lower individual limbs by rope to ensure that they come down gently. This is a slow process, but may be the only way to ensure that no damage is done.

Here are some of the safety implications we consider when we fell a tree.

Is there room to fell it? We always ask that any children and pets are kept away from the area. Particularly when cutting the tree with loud and heavy machinery.

We always wear suitable safety equipment such as gloves, goggles, helmet, ear defenders, footwear and clothing.