Tree Maintenance

Thompson For Trees Tree MaintenanceTree Pruning

Tree pruning is the removal of parts of the tree whether they be dead, diseased, dying or simply healthy branches that are removed for aesthetic reasons.

Tree Crown Reduction

A tree crown reduction is a very common arboricultural operation performed to reduce the height and or spread of a tree by selectively cutting back smaller branches. This can be done to help prevent damage to the tree.

It is more commonly is performed when a tree is outgrowing its confines, or for purely aesthetic reasons.

Tree Reshaping

Tree Reshaping is an operation carried out by professional tree surgeons to make a tree safe or to bring the overall shape of a tree into a desirable condition or shape.

Tree Crown Thinning

Tree Crown thinning involves the removal of some of the branches and leaf area of the tree with the intention of creating an even and balanced tree structure. This may include the removal of damaged, crossing and crowded branches.